Trade Futures

Trade 300+ futures instruments listed across 16 global exchanges including equity indices, metals, agriculture, rates and FX, as well as the largest range of futures CFDs

Benefit from Match Securities ultra-competitive, volume-based pricing model (as little as USD1 per lot) and seamless cross-margining. Trade directly from charts with exclusive order and depth trading tools.


Largest range of futures CFDS from FSC-regulated broker

As one of the more popular forms of CFD, Match Securities offers a range of Futures CFDs including the ICE Dollar Index and CBOE VIX Index through its MT5 platform with highly competitive spreads (inclusive of commissions, financing charges and dividend adjustments) in the largest range of futures CFDs available from an FSC-regulated broker.

In addition to offering the widest range, trading CFDs through Match Securities has additional benefits including:

  • No commissions
  • Up to 10:1 leverage (subject to type of account)
  • Competitive spreads inclusive of commission, financing charges and dividend adjustments

CFDs are complex, leveraged instruments that come with a high risk of losing money if a market moves against you, or if you don’t have sufficient funds to cover open (leveraged) positions. It is possible to lose all of your invested capital. Learn more about Match Securities CFD Trading Policy here.


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